Stories Behind the Pictures

Episode 4

Back to the Book After the excitement of 2 exhibitions & a live performance, it begun to dawn on Deirdre & myself that we had almost forgotten about the original idea – to produce an illustrated book of Deidre’s Poems! Deirdre made contact with Jaimie McGarry (no relation), who runs Valley Press publishing company that specialises in poetry. Jaimie is a poet too – check out his “Snail Poems” – funny & moving. Together we began the process of preparing the work for publication. We tried to preserve the spontaneous and improvised nature of the paintings by using Deidre’s own handwritten versions of the text that we used for the exhibitions. We were all pleased with the final product. That’s the end of the “Lonely Destiny” Story. To find out more about the book “Lonely Destiny” see the Valley Press website. Some of my original paintings for this project are still for sale and I have limited edition Giclee prints of most of the paintings. If you are interested please contact me by email through the contact page. Currently you can see one of the paintings “Holy Water” on exhibition at POP art space in Hull. The rest of the images may be found in my website gallery.

In the next episode – 24 landscapes and a cup of tea……………..

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