Stories Behind the Pictures Episode 5 24 Landscapes & a Cup of Tea

My present involvement with painting began in 2005. At that time I was a full time carer – looking after my 95 year old mother. It was quite a stressful time so I thought I would play about with some paints to take my mind off things with a relatively undemanding pastime. I should have known better!

It was about 15 years since I had done any painting, so my first efforts were a bit hesitant & tentative – timid little sketches of views through my window or objects on a shelf. But I was enjoying myself, and I thought “no one else needs to see them so it doesn’t matter if they are not very good. It is just a kind of therapy”.

After about a year I was getting more confident and beginning to take the whole thing more seriously. I had moved from little A5 sketches to small oil paintings on canvas and was starting to hang the finished paintings on the walls of my flat.

I had got into the habit of taking walks along the Worth Valley and onto the Moors around Haworth & Oakworth, taking a camera with me. I began using these photos as the basis for a series of paintings. Both my confidence and my ability were improving thanks to the encouragement & support of friends, who actually bought some of the paintings.

After I moved to Bridlington one of these friends introduced me to a number of people involved in the local art scene. This led to my discovering Yogi’s Café – an amazing place and a unique experience. Yogi was very keen to encourage art & artists, & offered me an exhibition at the café. So at the grand old age of 60, bus pass in hand, I had my first one man show!

I selected some of the small landscapes I had been doing based on the photos of my Worth Valley walks as well as more recent paintings of similar walks around Flamborough Head. I also put in a still life which included a cup of tea – just right for a café! I called the exhibition “24 Landscapes & A Cup of Tea”. Here are some of the pictures from the exhibition.

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