Beyond the Measured Day

The recent exhibition with poet Frank Newsum at the Yorkshire Wolds Gallery, Staxton was a great success - lots of visitors throughout the week with people taking a real interest - and good sales for both of us. The preview event turned into quite a party! The evening started with entertainment from the wonderful Makara Morris - Bridlington’s very own Morris side - all face painted disguise & swirling green & black tatter jackets - very exciting. It was very well attended - the gallery was full - and Frank gave a reading of some of his poems. He is a good reader as well as a good writer, really bringing the words to life off the page. Here is a short example of his work.

"The Promise" Down on the river bank, close to the water’s edge, I look again at the leaflet promising “The Trip of a Lifetime”

I refold the sheet to form a paper boat.

I launch the boat onto the world, and watch it being carried away toward the weir.

Here are some pictures of the evening to give you a flavour of what it was like.

Me Introducing Frank

Makara Morris in full swirl.

Makara Musicians

A full gallery

Some of my paintings - a few still for sale.

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