Thoughts on Exhibitions.

"Monumental Head" by Nigel Folds Artist

Thoughts on Exhibitions.

I want to share with you some thoughts of mine on my last exhibition in August 2015 - held at Yorkshire Wolds Gallery Staxton. The exhibition was a success with good sales, lots of visitors and excellent feedback from those visitors. It is always interesting and rewarding to meet the people who come to these exhibitions and of course those who buy your artwork. I really enjoying talking about the process involved with making my art. Talking about the process with others and hearing their comments always inspires me. I am extremely fortunate that I find inspiration in many ways. Many people that attend exhibitions are also artists who, as a rule, are generous enough to share ideas and their insights into why we follow the artistic path.

Those of you that have read my other Blog posts will already know that my Dad was instrumental in making Nigel Folds an Artist. He was a painter & decorator. His shed was full of brushes, tins of paint etc. but what really made an impact on me was the wall he used to wipe off the excess paint from his brushes before giving them a proper clean up. Over the years this had become a multi layered surface made up from random colours and brush marks. I would spend hours standing in the shed staring into this surface and wandering in the world it creates. This was an ongoing never-ending experience, changing from day to day, week to week. It’s still changing in my head to this day.

Today, my own work occupies an area between representation & pure abstraction. I investigate the colour, form, texture and physical possibilities of oil paint as a means to express my sense of the wonder and mystery of the ordinary everyday world we live in.

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