A Day In The Life

A Day In The Life Of Nigel Folds Artist

So what does this artist do all day? Well it’s not all painting. In fact there is no typical day. At the moment I am exploring some earlier work of mine “Garden of Signs” originally based on Neolithic signs in passage graves.

"Garden Of Signs No 4" by Nigel Folds Artist

I am now extending this previous work to examine the ways we use signs and symbols today. I have become fascinated by the signs spray painted on roads & pavements by road workers. These are like a coded language. They obviously have a specific meaning for those who know the code, but for the rest of us they are mysterious & baffling, like ancient hieroglyphs from some exotic culture.

So today some of my time has been spent out & about in Bridlington with my camera taking photographs of road markings. Quite by chance I came across a wonderful set of artwork created, I believe, by local school children on the beach. It was a Seaside mosaic made from found materials. It was so large that it was not possible to photograph all of it. I took my time and photographed it in sections. More signs & symbols with meaning to those who created them. Interestingly there is some continuity between the Neolithic and present day symbols. In my new work I am exploring these connections between past & present. A wall in my studio is now covered with these photos.

In addition to this I have also been preparing for upcoming events.

Including a solo exhibition in York week commencing 4th December.

An Art Fair in Hull 12th 13th December & updates to my website.

Tomorrow I will paint!

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