2015 A Great Year

Review of 2015

Well what a year 2015 has been. Life has certainly been exciting. I don’t make New Year’s Resolutions. I long ago learned that there is little point. However, I do find it useful & interesting to review the year as it draws to a close. 2015 was the year I was dragged –not exactly kicking & screaming- into the 21st Century and launched my website. I feel I must mention that I did and do have help with this - Thank you Sarah & Thank you Rebecca. Obviously, you know I have a website as you will be reading this on my blog! Which is also a first for me. I was not aware blogs existed before 2015 but now I enjoy writing my occasional posts about Art, Exhibitions, collaborations and other subjects. I have started tweeting. My aim is to share my work with as many people as I can. Twitter is a great way of doing this. I have almost 500 followers none of whom had seen my work before I began tweeting about it. I am also on Facebook and next year Instagram. Soon you will find it hard to avoid me :) but enough of the technology talk.

Mainly this year I have been busy painting. I have held 2 exhibitions of my work entitled “The Playford Paintings” in Staxton Gallery near Scarborough & Gillygate, York. Both were very well attended and sales were made. Gillygate exhibition was through an organisation called Skippko/Blank Canvas. They aim to promote visual & creative arts for health, wellbeing & public benefit. I am looking now to build on the interest shown in York and have a further exhibition of my work there in 2016. I painted each day whilst the exhibitions were on and spent hours chatting to interested individuals about my work. The response from the visitors to the exhibitions was overwhelmingly positive. It is very rewarding that people seem to enjoy my work. Sitting alone in one’s studio sometimes you do wonder WHY AM I DOING THIS ? The exhibitions help to confirm that my work brings interest & colour to others as well as to me. I have been an artist in residence @ Kardomah94 in Hull which is an arts venue/ café bar. The food is wonderful and they host many events including independent cinema & music. I painted 4 paintings whilst in residence they are named the Kardomah collection and form part of “The Playford Paintings” I am returning there in April 2016 for a solo exhibition.

"Mad Moll" I have been fortunate enough to be selected for Open Exhibitions in Scarborough & Hull. Unfortunately, not successful in Beverley this year. I enjoy the experience of the open exhibitions although it is a little time consuming. I am usually alone in my studio each day so the preview evenings are a good way to be sociable & meet other artist. There are a lot of talented people in Yorkshire. My work has been included in the Made with Love exhibition at Studio Eleven, Humber Street, Hull. A lovely little gallery in the heart of the new arts & cultural centre of Hull. It was shown amongst some fantastic work by Rob Moore, Adele Howitt, Chris Keenan, Susan Beaulah, Kate Jordan, Sally Gatie, Eric Moss, Alex Shimwell, Shirley Vauvelle and many more. My first Art Fair Stand was at PoP in Hull we had over 300 visitors which made for a busy couple of days. It is of course hard work but I was ably assisted by Rebecca. Again we met many people both customers & other artists. Some of whom are now customers too. On a personal note Rebecca has become not only my assistant but also my wife. We met though Morris Dancing she a dancer & I a Musician. Morris Dancing is what we do in our “spare time”. Most weekends during the summer we are out with our team Makara Morris. This year we were very proud to be asked to dance at the beginning of the Tour de Yorkshire. It was a very exciting day for us as a team with the largest audience yet. Although, I think they may have been there to see the guys on the bikes really!

Rebecca & I in full Makara regalia.

As I say a busy Year 2015 looking forward to a little break over the festive season.

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