Inspiration 2016


Inspiration is my subject today. I often get asked where I find inspiration - particularly for my abstract art work.

It is a difficult question to answer. Fortunately, I find inspiration everywhere: sometimes from a book, a walk, a conversation, an overheard remark. I often will then fully explore an idea or theme until I feel I have done all that can be done. My Garden of Signs abstract art collection was inspired by the signs, symbols & codes used both in art & life. I am now inspired again to extend this previous work to examine the ways we use signs and symbols today & am in the process of producing some new abstract paintings. I have become fascinated by the signs spray painted on roads & pavements by road workers. These are like a coded language. They obviously have a specific meaning for those who know the code, but for the rest of us they are mysterious & baffling, like ancient hieroglyphs from some exotic culture. So inspiration for my current work is a mixture my own work, Neolithic signs in passage graves & my walks where I discovered the spray painted signs. Interestingly there is some continuity between Neolithic & present day symbols. As I said it is not an easy question to answer. After my few days away I am very keen to get back to painting & exploring this particular subject.

"October Music"

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