Bridlington is on the up!

Well reports in the press suggest that Bridlington is on the up. We hope that this new positive atmosphere will help the gallery once it opens. With the new £25 million leisure centre on one side & the New Bridlington Premier Inn on the other side of us we are in a great position. Although, work on the Bridlington Premier Inn has not begun yet Beaconsfield car park has closed permanently so we imagine it will begin shortly. Having the Old Co-op supermarket is an amazing opportunity to show work to its best advantage. The first exhibition I have planned is “Garden of Signs” opening in January 2017. This is a group of paintings which grew out of my fascination with the signs & symbols carved into the rock in Stone Age burial mounds in Ireland. It seems it is difficult for us to decipher the original meaning of these symbols, even though many of them are in widespread use in different cultures. You assume that they must have had a very specific meaning for the people who made them, considering the time, effort, and ingenuity that went into their making. With a deadline of 10am 1st January the majority of my time is spent painting.


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